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Thanks, Felix, for this great picture!!



  January 2012  

Ursi and Niggi enjoying dog mushing on the Takhini River.

  freudig die hunde im geschirr meines schlittens  
  kräftig ihr zug übers eis dieses flusses  
  reglos seh ich die wände des canyons  
  aufwirbelnd treffen die flocken mein auge  
  und ich soll trauern?  

Niggi Schubert

  March 2012  

Not quite there yet, but we are on our way to spring...

  Lukas's quinzee - a lot of work and fun.  
  April 2012  

Serena & Andrew, Naomi, Micah and Phoebe from Jersey, Channel Islands.

  For 4 weeks they called Little Atlin Lodge their home:  
  Lukas enjoyed the company of this family very much.  
  A sign of spring - looking for the first greens.  
  A bald eagle, back from his winter quarters in Alaska  
  chatting with a raven.  
  May 2012  
  On the Dome at Dawson City. Lukas taking off again.  
  June 2012  
  Ralph and Marcus at beautiful Snafu Lake just after break up with Mt. Minto in the background.  
  July 2012  
  House SPRUCE in its summer dress.  
  Gophers refueling on sun and heat. Kiss-kiss? Or the start for some wrestling among siblings?  
  Reflection - how clear and calm the water is!  
  August / September 2012  

Katrin and Olaf from Germany

  Excursions are part of a true vacation... well as relaxing "at home" by house SPRUCE.  
  A cozy living room is what you need for a 3 weeks stay.  
  September 2012  
  Taken just south a few km of the lodge. Overlook north of the lodge.  
  Christof in good company.  
  Christof's workplaces.  
  Uschy and Marco from Switzerland coming for a visit with their "house on wheels"...  
  ...feeling at home right away after so many years (didn't you?).  
  Getting ready for winter.  


  December 2012  
  Yue & David from Toronto with Kun and Yuheng Wang from China  

A short but intense first visit to the Yukon: "Next time we really have to stay longer!"





Little Atlin Lodge, PoBox 10242, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A7A1, Canada  (867) 399-7777