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Happy birthday Claudio!! See pictures below.



  January 2013  
  Our traditional celebration on New Year's Eve: ice lanterns, bonfire and fireworks:  
  Excitement for our guests, visitors, neighbors and us alike.  
  Lukas looks forward to it every year!  

February 2013

Thank you so much for being excellent house sitters during our stay in Europe, dear Gisela and Walter.
  June 2013  
  Fishing for pike all day long and watching wildlife:  
  Klaus and Heiko are very excited about their first stay in the Yukon!  
  July 2013  

Senda, Frank and Levin, Tanja and Bertold from Germany.

Lukas likes to spend a lot of time with these lovely guests, canoeing, fishing, playing games, hiking, and exploring and even gets invited for dinner in Atlin: thank you! Levin's company is much appreciated - and: "eventually I meet somebody my age who is taller than me".
  August 2013  
  Here come the pictures from Claudio's birthday:  
  Lucie and Claudio, beloved and regular guests, brought their friends for the first time.  
  Here with Renato and Ping. Denya, Ping and Renato.  
  The party started with a fabulous dessert buffet.  
  and went on and on...  
  ...and on...  
  ...until dark and beyond. Just the way it should be, as we were celebrating Uschy's birthday, too!  
  September 2013  

Marina, Colin, Natasha and Francesca from England.


  What a pretty outhouse! Dragonfly takes the flower on  
    Cheski's dress for the real thing.  
  Tashi jumping high in the Carcross desert. "Shrooming" was fun, but not very successful;  
    probably a little late in the season.  

One of those super spectacular fall mornings: watching the fog rise and disappear and make room for a splendid, sunny day!


Evelyn and Russell from Canada. Catching pike is still possible in September!

  A cold, but wonderful morning.  
  September / October 2013  
  It's time for those usual tasks before the snow flies. Thank you, Ueli and Lukas for the big help!!  
  You can never have enough firewood.  
  Taking out the dock...  
  ...and cleaning the chimneys.  




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