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What an awesome picture to start the new year: thank you so much, Jay and Jang!




December 2013 / January 2014

  Jay and Jang from the USA and South Korea.  
  New Year's Eve fun with firework and great company by the bonfire!  
  Picturesque detail - 32 ice lanterns lighting our place.  
  June 2014  
Both very attractive for different reasons: clear, calm and balmy early summer afternoons and rainy days. The embers were so hot that the potatoes were roasted and ready to eat in a jiffy!
Katrin and Olaf from Germany are our guests for the third time. They obviously aren't tired of exploring the region near the lodge and a bit further away as well. Thank you for the awesome pictures!
Atlin and Atlin Lake seen from the Monarch Mountain Trail.
Mt. Minto and Little Atlin Lake seen from the Atlin Road.
  Impressive wildlife sightings on this trip.  
  Just don't pet him or her! Paddling the Yukon River for a day.  
  Relaxing on the dock with a glass of wine - rewarded with the sight of a "burning" sky at 11 p.m.  
  July 2014  
  Summer at Little Atlin Lodge, abounding in flowers.  
Visiting the beavers on the far side of the lake with Christa and Christof - a "midsummer night's dream".
  August 2014  
The porcupine would love to escape the heat - lucky policemen who take part in the  "Ice Bucket Challenge".
We are having a rabbit year! One of the countless snowshoe hares spotted by Irene and Marlyse from Switzerland.
  September 2014  
  Early fall impressions.  
Great horned owl - Hilde and Klaus from Germany are lucky enough to see it from up close and even take a picture. The owls live a good life around here...
...maybe this rabbit just got startled by a hoot? By the way: these white ears are a sure sign for winter approaching.
  October 2014  
Thank you to Paul Nuttall from Berkhamsted, UK, for this lovely picture: Jennie, Paul und Becky are enjoying their first visit to the Yukon. It's an early winter paradise.
The week before we spent a few days in the Okanagan Valley, savoring the fall crops (haven't eaten any delicious apples in a long time!).
  November 2014  
  Little Atlin Lake newly frozen over on Nov 13th from one hour to the next.  
  Here they are again, those fascinating crystals covering the black ice.  
  Lukas is about to cut out windows for his snow hut.  
  December  2014  
  Claire and Andy from Canada, pleased by the coziness of cabin PINE.  
  Contrasts make the Yukon winter really fascinating!  
  Two major attractions: northern lights and clear starry skies without any light pollution.  
One follows the other: we are not only having a rabbit year, but also a lynx year. Still it is not common to see them in plain daylight from PINE's kitchen window!
  Thank you, Claire and Andy, for your amazing pictures!  




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