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Happy New Year!



It's a tradition: gathering by the bonfire and enjoy the fireworks on New Year's Eve. This time we had company from our guests from Alberta and friends from Whitehorse.

New this year: the kids (teenagers most of them are now) lit the 34 ice lanterns Andri had prepared: so we, the adults had the pleasure to step out of the house and follow the romantically lit trails up to the clearing. How nice!

  February 2015  
Welcome Marty, new member of the family. She is 2 years old, an avid hunter and a tough Yukoner.
  June 2015  
  Duncan and Chris, regular guests from British Columbia, Canada, this time with Troy.  
  Back from yet another successful day of fishing.  
  Bat party! Environment Yukon biologists visit our bat colony on a yearly basis.  
They weigh and measure the animals and check their health condition.
It's an interesting event also for our guests from Italy, Alaska and Austria.
  Photography opportunities in dreamland are endless!  
  July 2015  
Martina and Bill from England on their wedding day: congratulations!
We have the honor to be their witnesses.  
  After the official ceremony we are all invited into house SPRUCE to celebrate; a piece of wedding cake and  
  a glass of wine taste nice, and the small party on the deck is being enjoyed by all.  
  We now have a vegetarian or even vegan BBQ grill - hope you like swiss chard?  
  It's always worth to spend some time on the dock in the evening: there are chances that you witness  
  dramatic sunsets.  
  There has again been vivid growth and flowering of both wild and garden plants,  
  be it in the damaged canoe...  
  ...or in the retired bath tub... ...or in the greenhouse.  
  August 2015  
  The nasturtium on our deck were "Cheers" on Yukon's own holiday;  
  a feast for the eyes. on Discovery Day we remember the  
    gold rush that started over 100 years ago.  
  Blueberry picking on White Pass is one of our favorite events of the year.  
  September 2015  
  Alessandra and Thierry from Belgium spent the first part of their honeymoon at Little Atlin  
  Lodge. They brought their wedding-dresses for some photo shooting with spectacular  
  backgrounds. Thank you so much for your pictures!  
  Romantic scenes by the lake!  
  Not romantic, but necessary: Thierry Sometimes a visit to the dock is  
  cutting a tree across the driveway, so that worth at night as well.  
  they can pass and enjoy their excursion!    
  Jacqueline and Peter from Switzerland spent two weeks in September with us; thank you  
  very much for sharing your impressions!  
  Carcross is worth a visit for sure. There is the "Smallest desert of the world" just a short  
  drive from the community. In the village itself you meet the local First Nation's culture  
  (watch wood carver Keith Wolfe Smarch at work!) and the history of the region.  
  Don't forget to step into the visitor centre for information and for a heartwarming  
  chat with the friendliest ladies you've ever met!  
  JJ and PJ, you have been lucky enough to see both black and grizzly bears.  
  Attractions of the Indian summer: views with spectacular colors, canoeing on a  
  mirror-like lake  
  October 2015  
  Vian and Jacob from Hongkong catch the perfect day for their excursion to  
  the Southern Lakes lookout.  
  November 2015  
  This year it happened on Remembrance Day.  




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