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There's no point digging in the past here (in case you're curious about my life before Little Atlin Lodge, I'll be ready to tell you about it); this is what you want to know about me: I'm the person in charge of costumer relations, so most likely you will be in contact with me before you visit. Once you are here, you can go on endlessly about the Yukon and it's beauty with me!

When we moved here in 1997 from Switzerland I found many things I had been dreaming of for a long time. Picking wild berries in the summer sun, surrounded by the humming of bees. Going for a swim in the lake and hearing the sounds of waterfowl. Sitting by the campfire with company, having a glass of wine and listening to music. Looking out the window onto the frozen lake and seeing a coyote trudge by. Snowshoeing on the lake feeling as the only person around.

I could continue with my list, but I wonít Ė Iíd rather wish for you to create your own list while you are here!

Iím always happy to talk to you about what to see and do Ė if you donít find me in the office or in one of the cabins I might be busy baking bread (for you maybe?), cooking jam or taking care of my greenhouseÖ


About me? Let's skip the boring stuff such as when I was born, where I grew up and how my education went (of course I will tell you in case you're interested to know). I'll just say it comes in handy that Iím pretty much an all-rounder so I was quick to adapt to the Yukon motto: "Do what you can with what you have".

Living out in the bush and running a lodge means that there are many different tasks to take care of. Preparing firewood is always a big job (I promise that youíll love the woodstove in your cabin and the fire pit in your private yard!). All around the dock, the boats and canoes is my responsibility. And of course there is always something to fix here and there or sometimes even a renovation.

Besides that Iím the person in charge of our website.

Anyway, you can imagine that my list could go on, too!

Letís just say: ďIím always happy to talk to youĒ goes for me as well Ė youíre welcome to come and get me as a troubleshooter - just in case...




Iím the only real Yukoner of the family! Besides that Iím the youngest, the tallest, the strongest, the smartest... ok maybe not.

In the summer I am at home quite often, so chances are that we will meet. In summer break I try to find a job close by or help out at the lodge with mowing, raking, preparing firewood or renovation projects. There is not much time left any more for working on some project that I thought up, which used to be my main pass time in the summer when I was younger. Anyway, I'm not that much of a stereotypical teenager; outdoor activities usually take priority over indoor ones especially when the weather's anything above horrible! Badminton is my strongest sport and my absolute favorite, followed by volleyball. Luckily I have my driverís license for a while now, so I can drive myself to practices.

In the winter I am tired; that's really what stands out the most. During the week I go to school at F.H. Collins Secondary School (Grade 12 now, graduating in summer 2018!!!), on the weekends I tire myself out with sports. I try to go downhill skiing every weekend no matter the temperature, but if the ski hill closes there's nothing I can do! So far my coldest ski adventure was a couple of years back when it was -35 with a wind chill of -45, brrrr! Also on the weekends I play badminton and volleyball. And in case I get invited to a party I donít say noÖ

Last summer I started accompanying my dad doing satellite internet installations, because opportunities to learn something practical are always welcome. In the winter there isn't much work to do (for me at least, ha! Ė and then school and programs keep me busy enough), but I'm proud to call myself the "assistant web designer" even though that's a bit of an exaggeration. But who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to tell their parents what they're doing wrong? 

Living so far away from school has it's pros and cons but I think it's well worth it.




See you soon!




Little Atlin Lodge, PoBox 10242, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A7A1, Canada  (867) 399-7777