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Little Atlin Lodge



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The season of long days, bright nights, campfires and enjoying the outdoors!


On your feet


Start from Little Atlin Lodge - after a 2 hour hike up White Mountain, enjoy a 360 view of the magnificent landscape. Or take a stroll on the old Atlin Road with good views of Little Atlin Lake. Your chances of seeing mountain goats are high on both hikes!
Take a short or a longer drive to meet starting points for various hikes, for example in the Atlin, Carcross or Whitehorse areas.



On the water


Canoeing - take a closer look at the shore of Little Atlin Lake or enjoy a day trip on the nearby Snafu Lake system.
Boating - explore or go fishing on Little Atlin Lake.



By car


Little Atlin Lodge is situated in the heart of the Southern Lakes Region, making it your convenient starting point for excursions in every direction: Atlin, Teslin, Whitehorse, Carcross White Pass, Skagway/Alaska...






Other activities


Do you have other interests? Horseback riding, guided hiking, white water rafting, floatplane excursions or guided fishing? Please let us know: we will give you more information or help you make arrangements!



Fly out from Atlin.

Catch a nice lake trout!


Month by month

May. The last of winter recedes! The birds are back: waterfowl, song birds and predatory birds. The ice on the lake breaks up during the second half of the month, the snow having melted by the end of April. It is relatively easy to see wildlife, as the trees don't have leaves yet. Late sunsets create "golden evenings".

June. Enjoy the long, bright evenings! The lake is open, the vegetation is exploding; wildflowers are in bloom. Days may get pretty hot during the second half of the month.

July. Summer has truly arrived! The evenings continue to be bright. Fireweed, the Yukon's territorial flower, is in bloom everywhere. The lake is warming up and on a hot day invites you to a refreshing swim.

August. The Yukon's harvest month, the wild berries ripening and the mushrooms growing. During the first half of the month you might still be able to go for a swim. The nights are getting darker again. Sunsets and clouds offer good photography opportunities.

September. The time for beautiful fall colors and spectacular skies! Days are warm, nights are cool, you might see an occasional northern light. The second half of the month is a good time for watching wildlife.

October. The transition month between fall and winter. You will definitely need a toque on your hike! Are you an avid photographer? You are going to like the special fall light, the last colors of the season and the first "snow and ice decorations"...









Little Atlin Lodge, PoBox 10242, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A7A1, Canada  (867) 399-7777