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Little Atlin Lodge



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The season of frozen lakes, clear days and delightful northern lights on the night sky!




On snowshoes


Experience the wintry outdoors hiking on snowshoes. Leave your tracks on the frozen lake or make a trail through the bush.



On a dogsled


Get to know the traditional way of traveling in Canada's North! Enjoy this special adventure for however long you like just riding or running a sled yourself. We will gladly inform you about different outfitters and help you make arrangements.



On the ice


Try ice fishing! With a bit of luck you will catch a burbot: it looks ugly, but tastes excellent; that's why it is also known as "poor man's lobster".



Other activities


Do you have other interests? Relaxing in an outdoor pool fed by hot springs, cross-country skiing, skating or going on a snowmobile excursion? Please let us know: we will give you more information and help you make arrangements!




Northern Lights

Northern lights occur throughout the year, but of course are only visible when it's dark on a clear sky; you could see them anytime between mid August and early May with better chances in the months of longer nights.

Taking pictures of the Northern lights: you don't necessarily need a super fancy expensive camera to capture them, but at least a camera where you can manually adjust the aperture time and a tripod. The pictures taken on the following page have been shot with a mid range camera:

>>> Aurora Pictures <<<


Month by month

October. The transition month between fall and winter. You will definitely need a toque on your hike! Are you an avid photographer? You are going to like the special fall light, the last colors of the season, and the first "snow decorations"...

November. There is usually not much snow yet. It is a very special experience to watch the lake freeze up and listen to the strange noises it makes, caused by tension in the ice.

December. Take advantage of the frozen lake for your sporting activities. Enjoy the comfort of your cozy guesthouse in the middle of the northern winter.

January. Best chance to experience the dry northern cold! With appropriate clothing all sporting activities are possible and enjoyable!

February. Winter sports are now at their best. The Yukon Quest (the 1000 mile dogsled race from Whitehorse to Fairbanks or vice versa) takes place every year in February.

March.  The days are warmer and noticeably longer, making March ideal for extensive outdoor activities.

April. You can feel the warmth of the spring sun as you snowshoe along the lake shore searching for signs of spring: pussy willows, birds singing excitedly, small creeks thawing out...









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