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Outdoor Activities

Lake or mountain, Hike or bike, Ski or canoe, Little Atlin Lodge is a great launch pad for outdoor activities, in any season.

On Foot 

Hike White Mountain – The views are wonderful! Giving you views in all directions of Yukon’s untouched beauty! Also offers the best view of Little Atlin Lake and the surrounding lakes and mountains. The path is steep so we recommend good hiking boots, and the route should take roughly 3 hours depending on hiking speed. We are happy to point out the route to you. 

White Mountain, across the road from the Lodge boasts the largest sport climbing area in the Yukon. It also has ice climbing for the more advanced climbers in the winter.

Jubilee Mountain – More great hiking right across the Lake from Little Atlin Lodge. We are happy to help direct you to the route. 

Atlin Road Walk – Just walking up Atlin road can also offer a great walk with wonderful views of the lake. Follow the road back out of the property to the Atlin Road. 

There are of course many more wonderful hiking options in the surrounding area if you need help picking one out or if you would like to hire a guide for more extensive explorations, please let us know. We also recommend checking out the Yukon Hiking Website : for more ideas and information.

In the winter months when the lake is frozen we recommend skating the lake (best in November and December), snowshoeing, cross country ski, or kick sled! Just ask us if the lake is safe before you step out.

By Boat 

Canoes – in the warmer seasons there is nothing better than exploring the lake from the water. There are many wonderful, guided tours we can recommend or as a guest we invite you to take out one of our canoes and explore the lake.

As a guest of Little Atlin Lodge the use of canoes are rented for a discounted fee. We just ask you to let us know when you would like to take one out as we have a waiver for you to sign and some important safety considerations to review with you.  We can help you launch if you need.

Motorboat – Great for fishing around the lake. The Motorboat is rented at a cost for the day or for a half day. The lake is quite shallow so please let us point out your safest routes around the lake before you head out. We will also need you to sign a waiver and go over 

Some important safety considerations. You will also need to present us with your boating license before you go. 

Lake activities are at your own risk and you must be prepared.

By Car

There are many great places to visit while you are here. 

Whitehorse – Visit Whitehorse! There are a lot of great restaurants and attractions to hold your interest. If you need any suggestions, please ask. Take the road back to the Alaska highway or take a different route to the Lodge via Tagish/ Carcross. 

Atlin- Just at the end of the Atlin road to the south is Atlin! A picturesque village surrounded by mountains, a lake (Atlin Lake) and glaciers. Lots of great hikes there too but also fun to explore this small historic town. 

Tagish/Carcross – There are so many historic sites and some great day use areas around Tagish and Carcross to visit places to fish and swim or just enjoy a picnic. Explore interesting landscapes like the Carcross desert or Carcross Commons (in the summer months).Make a stop at the Carcross visitors center for a complete list and information.

Teslin – Located 100km away from Little Atlin Lodge. Teslin is a beautiful drive and the town of Teslin has some lovely museums, First Nations culture and a wildlife gallery. 

Takhini Hot Springs -Just 30 km north of Whitehorse. A natural mineral pool that maintains heat at 42 degrees Celsius. (Check for times and opening)

Yukon Wildlife Preserve – A great way to see wildlife on a guided or self-guided tour. Just 25 km north of Whitehorse.  Open daily from 11:30 am – 5:00 pm with daily guided bus tours at 3:00 pm and on weekends at noon and 3:00pm (book online). 

Skagway, Alaska- Head across the border to Skagway! It’s about 2 hours from Little Atlin Lodge. Make sure you have your passport with you. There are so many wonderful historical sites to visit here and it is just fun to explore the town itself. 

Haines, Alaska – On a summer day it is wonderful to take the ferry over to Haines from Skagway. The round trip is about 2 hours. Loads of museums, art galleries and fishing and hiking adventures await you here. 

Coziness & Comfort

Read a book by the wood-stove, relax in the outdoor bathtub, warm up in the sauna.

Little Atlin Lodge is serious about relaxation, which is why we put in two wood fired hot tubs, one for each cabin. These hot tubs over look the lake and really take the experience to the next level. At the Spruce Cabin there is a “hillbilly” hot tub for two in a metal basin.

Pine Cabin has a larger cedar hot tub, suitable for 2-3 adults. The smell of the cedar will soothe you are you look out upon the lake.

The wood stove in each cabin is very cozy and we have a small library with book you can enjoy. We also have some games available.

Wild Nature

Bears, fish, birds

Here at Little Atlin Lodge we are surrounded by nature at its best. Please be respectful of our wild neighbors. Most wild animals are pretty shy, but you may catch a glimpse or hear any of the following right from your cabin if you are lucky. 

At the lake and from your cabin you may see an assortment of birds including bald eagles, owls, falcons, grouse, swans, geese, loons and other waterfowl.

We also have mammals in the area like rabbits, lynx, coyotes, bears (black and grizzly) mountain goats on White Mountain, mountain sheep, moose and many more. Use the binoculars in your cabin to keep an eye out for them!

Bears and bear safety: Bears are very curious but, is rare that a bear will approach humans intentionally. 

  • never leave food or unwashed dishes outside the cabin overnight or when you are leaving for the day. 
  • do not leave garbage bags outside your cabin. Please call us and we will collect and dispose of them. 
  • If you are hiking or going for a walk we recommend you make noise while you go. Bears tend to avoid the noise you are also unlikely to surprise a bear this way. Even better, take a can of bear spray with you if you have one. 
  • If you see a bear, stop, and remain calm. DO NOT run away. If the bear does not see you move away quietly, don’t catch their attention. If the bear sees you or is aware of you STAY CALM. Calm behavior can reassure a bear sudden movements or screams may trigger an attack. Speak to the bear in a calm voice if a bear rears on its hind legs and waves its nose about it may be  trying to identify you, again, don’t panic. Back away slowly NEVER RUN. Make yourself appear big pick-up small children and stay in a group. 
  • Bears sometimes bluff their way out of an encounter by charging and turning away at the last minute; they may also woof or growl with their ears back; these are defensive tactics.
  • If a bear makes contact with you, use your bear spray if you have it and PLAY DEAD lie on your stomach with legs apart and position your arms so your hands are crossed behind the back of your neck. Most contact is defensive from the bear and will only last 2 minutes if the attack is longer you might need to FIGHT BACK and use any means to make yourself difficult prey.


Fishing on Little Atlin lake is great! The best time to try your hand at catching a pike, whitefish, greyling or lake trout is in June at the beginning of the fishing season but you can catch fish all year round, when the lake freezes you can enjoy ice fishing as well!

We do have some fishing tackle you can use as a guest. 

Vibrant Culture

Traditional Land

Little Atlin Lodge is located in the Traditional Territory of Carcross/Tagish First Nation and Taku River Tlingit. We endeavor to respect the land where we operate and beyond and acknowledge and honour First Nations history and culture of the area.

Please check out the Haa Shagóon Hídi – The Carcross/Tagish Cultural Centre in the heart of Carcross This venue displays artwork, culture and history with an interpretive gallery of their collective pasts.

The Taku River Tlingit is located in Atlin, BC only one hour from Little Atlin Lodge. Please check out their website

This is an excerpt from their website: “The Taku River Tlingit First Nation is located in Atlin, BC, a small remote community of approximately 400 people.  We, the Taku River Tlingit, are moving forward as the responsible decision makers of our land and waters within our Territory.  Our Territory covers over 40,000 sq/km and includes what is now known as British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska/US.  Our Territory contains high mountains, expansive forests rich with wildlife and salmon filled wild rivers.  As responsible decision makers we are embarking on a course necessary to ensure the preservation of our wildlife and fisheries.  This will assist us in ensuring the preservation of what is Tlingit.”